Steward's Rights

As a Teamster Shop Steward, your job is to represent your members. Here’s a brief list of some of your rights and obligations.

  1. You have the RIGHT to grieve about unfair treatment — whether you saw it happen or someone calls it to your attention. It’s your duty to encourage workers to grieve legitimate issues — or to contact Local 206 yourself about filing the grievance.

  2. You have the RIGHT to investigate grievances, including interviewing grievants and witnesses.

  3. You have the RIGHT to organize and encourage your fellow workers to take action in support of an issue or grievance, so long as it doesn’t take place on work time and interfere with the job.

  4. You have the RIGHT to request the information you need to process a grievance from management. You should call the Union to put these requests in writing. Management is obligated to respond.

  5. You have the RIGHT to be present in any meeting between management and an employee if it might lead to discipline.

  6. You have the RIGHT to stand toe-to-toe with management when you’re conducting union business. The "Equality Principle" says you and management are equals during grievance discussions.