Grievance Forms

A grievance is a violation by the company of the contract, the law, employer rules or policies, fair treatment or past practice. Before you file a grievance, check your contract to find out about your specific grievance procedure. Talk with your shop steward or Union Representative for help. 

Don't delay! We may lose the right to file and pursue a grievance if it is not filed according to the contractual time limits. (Note: Grievances cannot be filed online). 

Tips on writing your grievance.

  • Limit statements on the grievance form to basic facts.

  • Think of the six Ws — who, what, when, where, why, and witnesses.

  • Do not include arguments, evidence, and justifications at the time.

  • Do include all provisions of the contract you believe have been violated.

  • State the specific remedies being requested: i.e. pay claim, remove discipline, etc.

  • Sign and date your grievance after reviewing the prepared grievance for accuracy, especially dates.

  • Turn your grievance form into the union office in a timely manner.