Please contact your Teamsters Local 206 representative for assistance in submitting your grievance.

Grievance Form

What is a grievance?

The Labor Agreement negotiated between Teamsters Local 206 and your employer includes a grievance procedure designed to help the Union enforce the terms of the Labor Agreement. The grievance procedure gives the Union the contractual right to file a grievance. A grievance is usually defined a a violation of the terms of the Labor Agreement and/or the rights of the employees that originate outside of the Agreement (e.g. federal, state, or local laws and employer manuals and policies).

Practically speaking, a grievance typically begins as a problem for an employee or employees. If an employment-related problem arises for an employee, it is advisable to seek advice as soon as you become aware of the problem with either a union steward and/or your Union Representative to further assess the problem. Your Union Representatives name and phone number can be found on the inside cover of your Contract Book.

What is a union steward?

A union steward, also known as a shop steward, is an employee but is also a Union official who represents and defends the interests of his or her fellow employees. The position of the union steward is a voluntary position and is elected by fellow employees through democratic election. Again, it is essential to notify the union steward and/or a Union Representative as soon as you become aware of a problem to ensure that any grievance is filed timely.

Your Union Representative, or perhaps your shop steward, will speak with you about the problem and obtain all relevant facts before considering possible solutions. Filing a grievance is only one possible course of action available to the union. However, the Labor Agreement often provides the Union our strongest course of action to resolve problems and issues for Union members.

The grievance procedure and timelines

The grievance procedure provides a contractual process for filing and pursuing an grievance. It is important to be familiar with the grievance procedure in your Labor Agreement because the Union may lose the right to file and pursue a grievance if it is not filed according to the contractual time limits.

Writing the grievance

  • Limit statements on the grievance form to basic facts.
  • Think of the six Ws — who, what, when, where, why, and witnesses.
  • Do not include arguments, evidence, and justifications at the time.
  • Do include all provisions of the Labor Agreement you believe have been violated.
  • State the specific remedies being requested: i.e. pay claim, remove discipline, etc.
  • Sign and date your grievance after reviewing the prepared grievance for accuracy, especially dates.
  • Fax your grievance or deliver your grievance to the Union office.